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Craig Gardiner Toivo Pilli Jan Martijn Abrahamse Michael Sebastian Aidoo Roald Zeiffert Daniel Trusiewicz Jim Purves Mark Ord Thomas Bergen


Al Staggs, What Would Bonhoeffer Say? (Eugene, Oregon: Wipf and Stock, 2018), reviewed by Craig Gardiner

Ian M. Randall, A Christian Peace Experiment: The Bruderhof Community in Britain, 1933-1942 (Eugene, Oregon: Cascade Books, 2018), reviewed by Toivo Pilli

Dominic Erdozain (ed.), The Dangerous God: Christianity and the Soviet Experiment (DeKalb, Illinois: Northern Illinois University Press, 2017), reviewed by Toivo Pilli

Victor Lee Austin and Joel C. Daniel (eds.), The Emerging Christian Minority, Pro Ecclesia Series, vol. 8 (Eugene, Oregon: Cascade Books, 2019), reviewed by Jan Martijn Abrahamse

Curtis W. Freeman, Undomesticated Dissent: Democracy and the Public Virtue of Religious Nonconformity (Waco, Texas: Baylor University Press, 2017), reviewed by Michael Sebastian Aidoo

Andrew C. Thompson (ed.), The Oxford History of Protestant Dissenting Traditions Volume II – The Long Eighteenth Century, c.1689-c.1828 (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018), reviewed by Roald Zeiffert

Stefan Paas, Church Planting in the Secular West: Learning from the European Experience (Grand Rapids, Michigan: William Eerdmans Publishing Company, 2016), reviewed by Daniel Trusiewicz

John S. Hammett, Biblical Foundations for Baptist Churches: A Contemporary Ecclesiology, 2nd edn (Grand Rapids, Michigan: Kregel Academic, 2019), reviewed by Jim Purves.

Michael W. Stroope, Transcending Mission: The Eclipse of a Modern Tradition (London: Apollos, IVP, 2017), reviewed by Mark Ord

David W. Bebbington, Baptists Through the Centuries: A History of a Global People, 2nd edn (Waco, Texas: Baylor University Press, 2018), reviewed by Thomas Bergen

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