Towards a Theology of Compassion Lessons from Relief Efforts for Those Affected by the War in Ukraine

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Thomas Sears


The war in Ukraine ignited a significant response financially for relief efforts in and around Ukraine. The motivation behind the donations for the Ukraine Relief Fund established by the TCM International Institute serve as the specific case study for the findings outlined in this article. Utilising Oliver Davies’ ontological framework of compassion, the article explores some of the hidden complexities of financial stewardship in the modern world. It also considers the key factors of compassion outlined in Davies’ conceptual framework in engagement with the research results. This study provides considerations for readers as they pursue a more meaningful theology of compassion when compelled to respond and participate financially to relief efforts during times of international crisis.

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Thomas Sears

Thomas Sears serves as the Director of Global Outreach for the TCM International Institute, based in Indianapolis, USA, and is a PhD student at the University of Bucharest.